100% Service Quality

Quality control services provided at our own plants or at yours. Inspection and control of samples or pre-serial and serial parts can be performed either at our premises in Hannover/ Germany or directly at customer locations.

In consultation with our customers, we find the appropriate solution for each individual case as well as the best-suited testing or control options.

Quality Consulting
100% Visual Inspection Using A Microscope (Maximum Magnification Equivalent Up To 40 Times)
100% Visual Inspection With Illuminated Magnifier
100% Control Of Type Mixing
100% Dimensional Inspection
EDP-Assisted Digital Image Projection And Processing With Online Transmission Of Diagnostic Error Images

Service Provision And Delivery

  • Diagnostic Error Documentation Using Imaging Technologies
  • Stated Error Catalogues (also For PPAP Or EMPB Projects)
  • Pareto Analyses Of Found Error Rates

Upon request, we also provide re-working jobs, such as deburring, brushing, and grinding, in the course of or after the control process.