Our Facility

At FinalControl, we know that the house we keep is equally as important as our skilled workforce. This is why we’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure our facility meets or exceeds the same standards our customers expect in their own plants. We accomplish this through a combination of climate control, dehumidification, air filtration, and daily housekeeping. In addition to the physical, we also ensure our staff is continuously trained in the use of the inspection equipment and the latest sorting processes.

Climate controlled environments ensures the elements don’t affect your parts.

With an average relative humidity of 86% during the day in North Charleston, SC, dehumidifiers are crucial in keeping out unwanted moisture that could cause rust on stored parts or work in progress material.

Air filtration systems keep the air clean and free of debris and contaminants.

Daily housekeeping ensures a consistently clean environment while also keeping the work area safe.

Qualified and Motivated Employees

Regular training, testing, and continuing education guarantee a high awareness for quality and a strong customer focus.

Modern and Ergonomic Workspaces

Modern and ergonomic workspaces combined with a corresponding work atmosphere are key factors to our employees’ productivity and quality of work.

We take care of our employees

Multiple shifts
Ergonomic workspaces
Mandatory breaks
Organized processes

After Michelle Hutcheson graduated from high school, she took some “normal high school jobs”— in services and retailer stores. For elevating herself in the workforce, she started searching for a “real” job with higher pay and more stability. Encouraged by her mother, who had enjoyed her work at Finalcontrol, Inc. for ten years, Michelle joined her mom and started working at the company, which specializes in providing industrial quality control for manufacturers.