The ease of use, ergonomics, and enhanced viewing capabilities of our inspection equipment work to increase the efficacy and production of our inspectors.


We use Hawkeye Precision Borescopes to inspect hard-to-reach orifices with magnification. These are combined with video cameras to deliver sharp and detailed images to a large display for the inspector. These images can then be saved for customer adjudication, versioning of sort instructions, or for later forensic analysis as required.

Sorting Tables

Our sorting tables provide our inspectors an organized workstation with all of their needed tools within arm’s reach. Easy to identify sorting areas maintain an efficient and consistent workflow across all stations. Sorting instructions are viewable on a tablet mounted to an articulating arm, which can be positioned at the inspector’s most optimum viewing angle, within reach to zoom into areas that may require additional detail. Since instructions are digital, they can be updated on the fly and pushed to the inspector’s device in minutes. This is crucial in the event a novel defect is discovered or instructions become out of date.


We utilize Leica stereo microscopes mounted to adjustable swing arms to allow for optimum workspace utilization, with a 122 millimeter working distance. With an object field of 46 mm, the field of view is up to 80% larger than comparable microscopes. These microscopes utilize Leica’s FusionOptics technology providing a 13.6 millimeter depth of field requiring less refocusing and greater ease of use. An adjustable magnification range from 5x to 30x provides both surface overview and detailed inspection.

Loop Lights

We utilize Luxo WAVE LED magnifiers. These magnifiers feature a 5-diopter (2.25x) white crown optical-quality glass lens and two dimmable LED lights providing exceptional clarity and shadow free inspection. They also feature a self balancing arm making exact positioning effortless for our inspectors.