100% Service Quality

Quality control services are provided at our place or yours. Inspection and control of samples for pre-serial and serial parts can be performed either at our facility in North Charleston, South Carolina or directly at your location.

One size does not fit all. Which is why we thoroughly consult our customers to ensure we find the most apt solution for each individual case utilizing testing processes and control options best suited for each situation.

Quality Consulting
100% Visual Inspection Using A Microscope (Maximum Magnification Equivalent Up To 40 Times)
100% Dimensional Inspection
100% Visual Inspection With Illuminated Magnifier
100% Control of Type Mixing
EDP-Assisted Digital Image Projection and Processing with Digital Transmission of Diagnostic Error Images

Service Provision and Delivery

  • Diagnostic Error Documentation Using Imaging Technologies
  • Stated Error Catalogues (also for PPAP or EMPB Projects)
  • Pareto Analysis of Found Error Rates

Upon request, we also provide re-work, such as de-burring, brushing, and grinding which can be done during or after the control process.