Shipping & Receiving

Send Stuff. Get Stuff.

As simple as it sounds, we definitely don’t take this lightly. We’ve implemented a stringent process when it comes to shipping and receiving, while also investing in the necessary machinery to handle deliveries of varying size.

Pickup & Delivering

We have a 26′ delivery truck to handle both small and large pickups and deliveries. This allows us to provide needed flexibility and better accommodate the needs of our customers whether it be dropping off or picking up pallets at their locations. Our 3-wheel forklift and tri-level industrial shelving allow maximum storage and greater logistical prowess. Our dedicated shipping and receiving workstations ensure a consistent workflow for each and every item received and shipped.

International Shipping

In addition to local capabilities, we are also able to offer international shipping when needed by leveraging our overseas footprint and extensive experience in international logistics.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Our logistics team ensures every package is properly marked and stored when received. Throughout the sorting process, items are carefully handled and placed in designated sorting areas until they are ultimately repackaged securely and marked with our inspectors’ FC number where they are then stored awaiting pickup or delivery to the customer. All of this to say, we know how to get your stuff, keep it organized, and then get it back to you safely and securely.

Sorting & organizing
No cross-contamination
Custom sorting packing
Tracking through unique FC numbers